Monday March 2, 2015 – 6:45 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Mission Area Police Station
Timothy M. Falco Community Room
11121 Sepulveda Boulevard
Mission Hills, CA 91345


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Councilmember Felipe Fuentes announced that Devonwood Park in Mission Hills is undergoing some changes. Funding has been secured for new playground equipment. Crews began work the first week of January. The playground area is expected to re-open next month. We are excited about the changes.

While crews work to enhance our neighborhood, please be patient.

Thank you to the City’s Department of Recreation and Parks for installing a new play area.

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As the City’s imported water supply becomes more critical, so does the need to expand our local, sustainable water resources, including water recycling. Water recycling offers a reliable, economically feasible and environmentally sensitive way to augment the city’s water supplies. Recycling programs treat wastewater so that it can be used safely for irrigation and industrial purposes, groundwater replenishment, as a barrier against seawater intrusion and for other beneficial environmental uses.

Los Angeles has used recycled water since 1979 for irrigation. Recycled water keeps the landscape healthy in areas of Griffith Park, along with the Mount Sinai and Forest Lawn Memorial Parks. Currently, the LADWP is expanding its recycled water program to include both groundwater replenishment utilizing advanced treated purified recycled water to recharge groundwater supplies and a large purple pipe distribution system.

LADWP has made water recycling a key strategy of the Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP). The UWMP is a blueprint for creating reliable sources of water for the future of Los Angeles. The goal is to increase the total amount of recycled water to 59,000 acre-feet per year by 2035.

As technology advances, the possibility of recycling water to potable quality has become even more realistic. The Omniprocessor, a water purification device designed by Janicki Industries and partly funded by the Gates Foundation, recently successfully demonstrated how it converts sewer sludge into drinking water, electricity, and pathogen-free ash. A pilot project in Dakar, Senegal later this year will test the Omniprocessor in an urban context.

Improved purification technologies and better infrastructure can drive solutions for reducing the use of fresh water and dependency on imported water. For now, recycled water can already be put to a multitude of non-potable uses, and plays a major role in the strategy for a less thirsty Los Angeles.

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Mayor Eric Garcetti, the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC), and the U.S. Department of Commerce announced today that the first annual National Aerospace Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Exposition will be held in Los Angeles. This is the first stand-alone FDI event in the United States co-sponsored by the Commerce Department that will focus on a single industry: aerospace manufacturing.

The Mayor and LAEDC collaborated last year to bring the exposition to Los Angeles, working jointly to find a suitable venue for the expo, and submitting the winning proposal in a competitive process against other cities and states. The selection of Los Angeles to host the first aerospace expo reflects L.A.’s dominant position in the United States’ aerospace market. More aerospace companies are located in Los Angeles County than any other county in America.

“The aerospace cluster surrounding the Los Angeles Air Force Base is the most concentrated in the U.S., and this event will help us leverage that built-in advantage to boost exports and create middle class jobs,” Mayor Garcetti said. “As a primary entry point for Foreign Direct Investment and as home to aerospace’s most innovative companies, Los Angeles is the natural choice for the Department of Commerce’s first Aerospace FDI Expo.”

The National Aerospace FDI Exposition will provide prospective investors with resources to make smart decisions about where and how to establish or expand their presence in the United States. These will include one-on-one meetings with state and local economic development organizations that are interested in attracting aerospace FDI. Other expo activities will include workshops geared specifically to aerospace manufacturers, such as contracting with the Defense Department and Federal Aviation Administration. The Aerospace States Association (ASA), a non-profit organization of state lieutenant governors and governor appointed delegates, is co-sponsoring the expo.

Read the full story here.

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Paperless billing logo

Go-Paperless-Get-$10LOS ANGELES — For a limited time, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) is offering a $10 bill credit for new paperless billing customers. Customers who currently receive printed LADWP bills, and who sign up for paperless billing through, will receive a $10 credit on their next bill.

Paperless billing is a secure, convenient and environmentally-friendly billing option. Once enrolled, customers will receive bill notifications via email. This will reduce paper clutter, help decrease the environmental impact from printing paper bills and provide easy access to informative online newsletters.

“This program is part of an ongoing effort to reduce our environmental footprint through all the services we provide,” said Randy S. Howard, Senior Assistant General Manager of the LADWP Power System. “Also, when we don’t have to print and mail a bill, the Department saves money, which in turn saves our customer-owners money. We are happy to offer our customers this bill credit, especially right after the holidays.”

For complete program information and to sign-up to receive the $10 bill credit, please visit

The $10 paperless billing incentive is available through June 30, 2015 to all LADWP customers who currently receive printed LADWP bills.

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Discovery Cube Los Angeles is officially open in the Hansen Dam Recreation Area in Council District Seven. The 71,000 square foot, hands-on museum allows kids of all ages to learn about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math through fun exhibits, displays, programs, and learning spaces. The DCLA becomes LA’s latest must-see family entertainment/educational destination and the first major museum in the history of the Valley. DCLA is expected to draw 180,000 visitors during its first year and create 24 local, full-time jobs and 70 local, permanent part-time jobs.

For tickets or hours of operation, click here.

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Patty Lopez, a mostly unknown candidate from San Fernando, has defeated incumbent Assemblymember Raul Bocanegra (D-Pacoima), according to the official election results released Monday.

Patty Lopez

Lopez led by 182 votes on election night and won by 467 votes with provisional and mail-in ballots counted. Bocanegra said he will not ask for a recount.

“While the vote tally is incredibly close, it is clear that my opponent will be victorious by the narrowest of margins,” he said. “Although many residents and community leaders throughout the 39th Assembly District have urged me to undertake a recount, I do not want to put the state — and particularly the residents of the northeast San Fernando Valley — through such a costly and time-consuming process.”

The result shocked the political establishment from Los Angeles to Sacramento. Bocanegra, a first-term candidate, was considered a strong candidate for Assembly speaker. He won his primary by nearly 40 points and collected more than $600,000 in campaign contributions this year.

Meanwhile, Lopez said she never expected to win and only ran to advocate for more local school funding. She was fined $400 for not reporting any campaign contributions until after the election. She said she spent less than $10,000, and the money came from small donations from friends and family members.

Raul Bocanegra

Lopez, a former outreach coordinator for the North Valley Occupational Center, believes she won by reaching out to every person in the community and focusing on education. Bocanegra mostly campaigned for other candidates and appeared to spend little time campaigning in his own district.

In the weeks since the election, the reasons for the surprising result have been debated. Shortly before the election, Bocanegra received praise for co-authoring a bill to expand the state’s tax credits for television and movie filming, but the legislation may have been less popular at home.

Political analysts have suggested Lopez also may have benefited from having her name first on the ballot. Some voters selecting all Democrats may have chosen her name without noticing the race featured two Democrats.

Others have said Lopez may have seemed more relatable. She moved to the United States from Mexico as a child, and she describes herself as a hard-working housewife who serves as a parent volunteer and community organizer.

In a statement Monday, Bocanegra noted he comes from a working-class immigrant family. He said he is grateful for his family’s hard work.

“I am proud to have represented the northeast San Fernando Valley –- the community in which I was born and raised and have spent my life serving,” Bocanegra said. “I am very proud of what we have accomplished in the past two years.”

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Help your MHNC by supporting the rework of this mural. Have you seen it lately?

Please everyone LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT on this video. First we need to raise awareness.

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